JUST MILK delivered fresh to your mobile

JUST MILK have been a client of MAKE since 2009. Like many brands, JUST MILK saw that more and more of their customers were accessing their website on mobile devices and saw it was time to take the issue in hand.

It was also time to redesign their main website, so we designed it to be responsive to the device being used to access their content, so whether customers are using a desktop, laptop, tablet or a smart phone, they can now get the content in the most efficient manner.

The mobile website is also location aware and replaces the need to enter a postcode to find where the nearest store is by simply showing the 10 closest stores. Take a look justmilk.com. Try it on a smart phone for the full experience.

Chat with MAKE about responsive website design

 I have been working with MAKE, and particularly Warren Slingsby, for almost 3 years on many different projects with Candia UK Ltd (website building, implementing online promotions, e-mailing marketing strategies, videos production…) It has always been a pleasure to work with him. His strong knowledge in web marketing, his ability to teach digital problematics to clients and the patience he has had to work and rework its recommendations makes Warren a high recommended business partner. For Candia UK Ltd, Warren was considered as part of the team.
Delphine Gargouil, Marketing, JUST MILK

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