FYI, the pocket guide to independent places

FYI is a project conceived and created by MAKE and A.N.D Studio. We wanted to create a guide to celebrate the people who run brilliant independent businesses and make Huddersfield the lovely place it is.

No one paid to be included; we chose them specifically because of what they did in Huddersfield and how their businesses contributed to make Huddersfield a great place to live, work and visit.

If you care about supporting local businesses, and want to find a few hidden gems, we think this is a great starting point. We hope you visit and come to love the places in this guide as much as we do.

All FYI content is available on a responsive website at The website is location aware and will tell you which is the nearest place to eat, drink shop or do stuff. It’s specifically designed for your smart phone and also features discount offers for many of the FYI locations. Take a look Try it on your smart phone for the full experience.

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